An Attractive Woman On Her Cell Phone

When you first approach a girl and want her phone number, it can be a real trick to break through her natural defenses and get those digits. Getting girl’s phone numbers is a real struggle for many men.

As a guy, just summoning up the confidence to go talk to a girl you find attractive is daunting enough. But asking for a phone number? Now it’s not just a casual conversation in a bar or club anymore. Now there’s real interest and the expectation of future contact that goes beyond just a momentary connection.

If you weren’t feeling vulnerable before, you definitely are now. It’s the moment of truth. If she shoots you down, you’ll feel like an idiot, even though you shouldn’t. Rejection from women isn’t something most men handle very well.

Now, some guys are really practiced at picking up women, and they have a thick hide when it comes to rejection. It doesn’t sting the same way it stings you or I. But if you’re reading this article, you’re probably not one of those guys.

Maybe you don’t feel comfortable chatting up women in a social setting. Maybe you’re shy. Maybe you feel awkward around girls you like. Maybe you wear your heart on your sleeve and want girls to like you because you’re the type of man who wants more than just a one night stand.

And you put a lot of pressure on yourself during every encounter because you don’t just want to meet an attractive girl to take home for the evening. You actually want a woman who you can spend time with, talk to, and eventually love. If that’s you, this girl system will really help.

So how do you get a girl’s phone number if you aren’t a player or the type of guy who can easily walk up to any woman anywhere and strike up a conversation? Well, here are 3 time-tested guidelines you can use to help steady your nerves, so you can snag her digits as easily as taking candy from a baby.

1. Avoid Putting On An Act

Be yourself. Yep, you’ve heard it before. Yep, it’s clichéd. Yep, it’s overused. But it’s one of the most fundamental rules to live by when it comes to relationships.

If you want to get a girl’s phone number, don’t just make up stuff or say the things you think she wants to hear. If you put on an act or try to come off as the smooth and confident player when you’re really not, it will only backfire.

If you make up an act and she gives you her number, she’ll find out soon enough you aren’t who you appeared to be. Even worse, your act may be as transparent as glass, and you could screw up a good thing before it even begins.

Being honest and direct is the best way to get a woman’s phone number, so don’t hide your intentions.

2. Open Up

I’m not saying you should become her new girl friend by crying on her should all night or giving her a run-down of the traumatic life you’ve lived up to this point. But give her a glimpse of what makes you tick.

Let her see your drive and ambition. The stuff that lights a fire in you and propels you out the door every morning. Remain mysterious and don’t give her everything, but reveal enough to create a real connection. Find common ground and it will be much easier to ask her for her phone number.

3. It’s All About How You Make Her Feel

Listen to her. And I don’t mean the type of listening where you’re constantly nodding your head, furrowing your brow, and pretending to be interested. If you have to pretend to be interested in what the girl’s saying after knowing her for five minutes, then you have no business asking her for her phone number in the first place.

Pay attention. Maintain eye contact. Don’t fidget with your phone or glance around the room at all the other hotties. Make her feel special. When it comes to getting a girl’s phone number, how you make her feel during your interaction is much more important than the specific words you say.

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